My Great Great Uncle – from the beginning

Molly, my grandmother, moved around a lot in her life. She also held on to a lot – when she died ten years ago, I got a set of mahogany stacking end tables, a cabinet and a dining table. But there was more, and recently I found a box with more personal things: albums and photographs that she kept for 92 years.

A hundred-year old photo album

This album, with pictures more than a hundred years old, created by this man:

My Great-Great-Uncle, circa 1915

This man, my grandmother’s uncle, who died when she was two years old.

She kept an album belonging to a man she really never knew. And she kept this album safe during moves across the ocean, across the country, and back and forth within the Province.

I now have the album, and I’m feeling the weight of that responsibility, of keeping this safe for another hundred years, or maybe even just the remaining thirty to fifty years of my life (hopefully). I’ve now scanned the entire 99 pages, and am presenting here in his words. It’s his story, his journey around the world – twice! – as a ship’s surgeon. A journey that probably killed him: the coal-fueled ship seeping into his lungs, causing tuberculosis, and committing him for his remaining years to the Muskoka Free Hospital / Sanitarium.

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