My Great Great Uncle – from the beginning

I don’t think my grandmother necessarily had a lot of “stuff”. But it seems like what she did have she kept for a long time. She died in 2008, and ten years later I was going through a box of some of this aforementioned “stuff”. I found a photo album,


that I think I had seen before but hadn’t really given much thought to. I brought it home and realized it wasn’t even hers. It belonged to her uncle – a man she never mentioned to my mother, never mentioned to me. We don’t know why she kept this so long – indeed, kept it her entire life as this uncle died when she was just 2 years old. And kept it through a post-war move across the Atlantic to Oslo. A move in the 1950s back to Toronto. Moves around Southern Ontario and two or three to BC and back to Ontario.

So I thought I’d scan the album, as it’s now over a hundred years old. And try to create a story from it. It hasn’t been too difficult – Nana’s uncle – my great great uncle –  pasted photos from his present situation at the Muskoka Free Hospital/ Sanitarium, next to photos from years earlier from when he traveled around the world as a ship’s surgeon. That adventure was, unfortunately, the trip of his lifetime.

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